Here Are The Qualities That Park Jin Young And GOT7’s Jackson Like About Each Other

This will warm your heart!

Park Jin Young has a good relationship with all of the artists at JYP Entertainment, but one person he seems to be quite close with is GOT7‘s Jackson, as there have been multiple instances where they’ve shown their bond.

During an episode of Weekly Idol, Park Jin Young was asked to describe the type of person Jackson was, and he answered heartwarmingly. Park Jin Young shared that he values people who put in a lot of effort into their work, and feels that Jackson embodies that.


Park Jin Young also loves how kind of a person Jackson is.


Jackson was then asked to point out some of the things he likes about Park Jin Young, and he gave some touching answers. One quality that Jackson likes about Park Jin Young is how he has been an artist for a long time.


He also believes that Park Jin Young is an incredible singer.


Jackson concluded by commenting on how he finds it amazing that Park Jin Young is still able to dance at his age.

Here’s the full video below!