Korean Film About Celebrities And Drugs Revealed To Be Filmed At Club Burning Sun

Netizens are shocked at the similarities between the film and the Burning Sun case.

A Korean film about celebrities and drugs has been receiving attention for having filmed some of its scenes at Club Burning Sun.

On July 30, Newsen reported that some scenes from the upcoming film, Quantum Physics, was filmed at Club Burning Sun.


It has been revealed that the movie was filmed during the end of 2018 before the Burning Sun Scandal broke out.

Quantum Physics is a film about a righteous club owner, Lee Chan Woo (played by Park Hae Soo), who finds out that prosecutors and policitians are involved in a famous celebrity’s drug case. Lee Chan Woo gathers the all the aces of the industry to catch all of the rotten authorities in Korea.


Netizens have been shocked at how similar the film’s plot was to the actual Burning Sun case.

It was revealed that the movie was filmed at Club Burning Sun on July 30 after the trailer was released. Some netizens who saw the trailer brought up the issue and an Insider who is deeply connected to the film confirmed that the location was indeed Club Burning Sun. Moreover, it was revealed that the film’s production staff was unaware of the incidents surrounding Club Burning Sun at the time of the filming.


Watch the trailer for Quantum Physics below:

Source: Dispatch

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