Bae Suzy’s Income From The 30+ Commercials She’s Been In Is Staggering

A report revealed that Suzy’s success as an actress and CF model was likely due to her role in the hit film, Architecture 101. 

On January 30, a report from tvN introduced the most successful celebrities in the CF industry. According to the program, since Suzy made her debut as an actress on Architecture 101, she has made more than 30 commercials. The cost of advertising was estimated to be at least 700 million Won each. This revealed Suzy’s estimated earnings of more than 10 billion Won based on her advertising contracts alone.

Due to her continued success, Suzy has managed to pay for the renovation of her mother’s cafeteria into a cafe, as well as a new car and vacation for her parents.

Suzy initially made her debut as part of miss A back in 2010. By 2012, she starred in her first film, Architecture 101, a project about two students falling in love after meeting at an introductory class on Architecture.

A true CF Queen! Here are a few notable CFs from Suzy: 

Source: Star News