(★TRENDING) Racist Americans Attack BLACKPINK, Calling Them “Hoes”

These Youtubers have become the center of criticism for K-Pop fans.

An American “YouTuber” Justin from unknown channel JUSTiN’s WORLD and his friend critiqued BLACKPINK’s new “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video and shared their reaction, which infuriated netizens.


First of all, they stereotyped Asians by stating that they didn’t want to disrespect any Asian women in case their fathers knew karate. He then continued, “I’m good, sensei.”

“I don’t wanna disrespect any of these nice Asian women because their dads might know karate. Nah, I’m good sensei.” ㅡ Youtuber


Not only did they make fun of BLACKPINK’s name, they presumed that they were Nicki Minaj wannabes.

“What does BLACKPINK stand for? Sounds like a variety of things. It could stand for…black, like emo but like pink hair. They are twerking so it could stand for…They may be like some Nicki Minaj wannabes, I guess four Nicki Minaj wannabes…” ㅡ Youtuber


When it was Lisa’s part, they claimed that she was definitely copying Nicki Minaj for her rapping style.

“This is the Nicki Minaj one right here.” ㅡ Youtuber


They then claimed that Jennie said the “n” word when she was simply saying naega (meaning “me”).

“Did she say chicken nuggets? Or chickens n****? Chicken n****. Now, white people don’t get a pass and neither do Asians. Asian is the correct terminology, not…nevermind.” ㅡ Youtuber


They further criticized the music video by expressing that the video would be better without the sound and just twerking, also saying it resembles “The Grudge” at one point.

“I would say that this video would look way better with the sound off. Just twerk. Twerk down a burning building.” ㅡ Youtuber


They even went as far as to suggest that one of the BLACKPINK members was a “slore” (slut/whore).

“I wonder who is the slore out of the group. Maybe her (Rose)? Cause she looks like…iuno.” ㅡ Youtube


Essentially everything they said was an insult after insult and it seemed like they were simply asking for the backlash they received.

  • “I didn’t know it was possible for so much shit to come out of someone’s mouth”
  • “Never seen so much ignorance in my life! Sitting on defence and not willing to accept that the world is bigger than whatever corner you are stuck in. You don’t only insult a language but you also insulted women. Stay listening to mumbled rappers lol I don’t care if you don’t vibe with Blackpink or anything other than English but at least calm down with the disrespect that you said you don’t mean to do!”
  • “Uncultured swines.”
  • “Worst reaction ever”
  • “All your videos are on your channel are reactions and to be honest, you’re reactions are extremely boring. Your YouTube career is going no where dude 😂”
  • “You’re now in my blacklist next to Donald Trump.
  • “Another thing to point out you kept saying things like “sensei” & “karate” which is Japanese not korean Blackpink is a kpop group. So much disrespect and ignorance in one video.”


In fact, some accused the Youtubers of purposely being ignorant and racist in order to increase their views and popularity.

  • “I think they’re doing it on purpose, saying racist shits and being disrespectful so more people will be curious and watch the video so more views/money.”
  • “I see what they’re trying to do, they’re just making fun of black pink so they can get people to agree with them. To get more fans. Well instead of that they can get more haters. Congrats boys!”


Since the video was released, BLINKs began reporting the video and the number of dislikes on the video rose far beyond the number of the Youtuber’s subscribers.

Although the video only has 50 likes, it already has over 8,700 dislikes, a number far bigger than their 1,700 subscribers.


Watch the full video below: