This Racist Real Estate Agent Learned Not To Mess With BTS And ARMY

Justice was swift AF.

A real estate agent learned 2 very important lessons: not to be racist and not to mess with BTS or ARMY. The real estate agent had this to say about BTS’s SNL appearance:


“They look like kids. How old are they? Are asian women even attracted to their own men?”

As soon as ARMY saw his racist remarks, they wasted no time in contacting the agent’s company and notifying them of their employee.

The company responded with a statement condemning the agent’s remarks and made sure to announce that the agent in question was no longer employed by them.

This real estate agent lost his position for not only his racist remarks about BTS but for thinking ARMY would let him get away with it. He no longer has a Twitter or job due to the backlash and screenshots are forever.

The power of ARMY is impressive and maybe people will think twice about what they say.