Raiden’s Collaboration with Red Velvet’s Irene Tops iTunes Charts In 19 Countries

Irene did what needed to be done with this song.

On August 2, Raiden released “The Only”, a collaboration with Red Velvet‘s Irene and fans all over the world are clearly loving the song! Upon debuting, the song topped the iTunes charts in 19 countries, was #2 in 5 countries, and took the #3 spot in 7 countries including the US.

The song is a mid-tempo bop that perfectly lends itself to Irene’s perfectly sweet voice. As it’s a feature, it can’t technically be called Irene’s first solo song, but it’s the first song released in which she’s the sole vocalist! Reveluv are so proud of you, Irene!

If you haven’t checked out the song yet, it can be streamed on all major streaming platforms.

Red Velvet