Rain Acknowledges The Stray Kids Member Who’s His Lookalike

Even the Stray Kids member could see the resemblance.

Rain met the members of Stray Kids on his show Season B Season and acknowledged how much one of them resembled him.

Rain | @rain_oppa/Instagram

Since Hyunjin has been rocking longer hair, the show’s staff had “heard Hyunjin sort of looks like Rain back in the ‘Bad Guy’ days.” There was another member who looked more like the legendary artist, though.

Looking back on his childhood, Bang Chan said to Rain, “When I was in year six, everyone used to tell me that I looked like you in Australia.

Rain agreed that they resembled each other and added 2PM‘s Chansung into the picture. He said, “Bang Chan is like a mixture of me and Chansung.

The show’s editors placed photos of the two senior artists beside Bang Chan, perfectly showing how accurate Rain had been with the description.

Watch Rain point out that JYP Entertainment seems to favor a particular look from their resemblance.

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