Rain And Park Jin Young Revealed They’ve Created A Plan For Their Daughters To Form A Girl Group In The Future

They both have adorable children.

On an episode of Knowing Brothers, Rain and Park Jin Young come on as special guests to promote their new song Switch to You. Along with promoting their new hit song, the two singers also discussed the topic of family a lot.

During the show, Super Junior‘s Heechul asked the two artists, “Do your families hang out often?” To which Rain confirmed that they do.

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Following this, Heechul asked Park Jin Young what he and Rain usually talk about when they’re together. Park Jin Young revealed that they usually talk about their daughters.

Despite both Park Jin Young and Rain’s daughters being very young, they jokingly revealed that they have already made a plan to create a girl group between their daughters.

Here’s our plan. I have two daughter. And he (Rain) has two daughters. We have all the members for a girl group.

— Park Jin Young

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Previously mentioned on the show, Park Jin Young shared that his daughter actually loves to dance: “Dancing with me is her favorite thing to do.”

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Rain revealed he shares a similar trait with his daughter as his daughter’s passion for dance resembles him:

I watch all of Jin Young’s performances on TV. One time, ‘When We Disco’ was playing, and our whole family watched. She (One of his daughters) started dancing to the song, so I took a video of it and sent it to him (Park Jin Young). That’s when I thought, ‘Wow, she’s my daughter.’

— Rain

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If they really did gain the artistic genes of their fathers, whatever girl group they form would be incredible!

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