How Rain Reacted When A Friend Tried To Go Clubbing With Him

On a recent broadcast of E Channel’s “Marriage Vacation”, Rain’s close friend Shin Seho tried to convince Rain to go clubbing with him.

Shin Seho is close friends with Rain because they used to be back dancers for Park Jin Young back in the day. Shin Seho is also married and they’re close with Rain and Kim Tae Hee as well.

Shin Seho called Rain and told him to come out and go clubbing because he was a free man tonight. His wife had left with the kid so he could hang out tonight. Rain simply said: “Just rest.”

He didn’t give up after Rain shot him down and kept trying to persuade him.

“Look, this isn’t us from 20 years ago. Please think before you ask these things. I’m busy right now so I’m hanging up. Anyways say hi to the wife for me!”

— Rain

After Rain hung up, everyone in the studio respected Rain by commending his mind set. Rain clearly doesn’t care about clubs now that he’s married to Kim Tae Hee!

Source: Joongang Ilbo