Rain Recalls What Park Jin Young Scolded Him Over Most During His Early Days

Since it was over ten years ago, they could both laugh about it now.

In the very first episode of Rain‘s Season B Season, there was one person he needed to make an appearance: Park Jin Young. With Rain behind the wheel and throwback tracks on the playlist, the two had a car ride that brought back memories from the long time they’d known each other. One of them was how often Park Jin Young had scolded Rain.

When Park Jin Young played Yoon Mi Rae‘s “As Time Goes By”, Rain took him by surprise with how quickly he recognized it. “You know this song?” It turned out to be his go-to track after being reprimanded, “Yoon Mi Rae. After you’d scold me, I’d always listen to this in my dorm.” Park Jin Young burst into laughter over finding out the memory.

After cracking a smile as well, Rain explained that he’d get scolded for two reasons. He would try to skip out on singing practice, which would lead to him not being able to reach certain notes. “Telling me to practice singing. I thought you were sleeping, so I didn’t sing for a bit and got scolded. I got scolded again for not hitting the note.

It got rain so down that he would play Yoon Mi Rae’s song and look out the window with tears trailing down his face, like a scene out of a drama. “So, I would look out the window when it rains.” The image he painted had both of them laughing.

Park Jin Young had a reason for being so critical of Rain. He simply wanted him to reach his full potential, “I wanted to make you into the strongest human.” Though it might’ve been painful at the time, Rain was thankful for those skills he gained. “Because of everything you’ve taught me then, I lasted this long.

Although it’s been a very long time since those days, Rain revealed that Park Jin Young is still critical. He then made a request that had him cracking up again, “I want to ask you… Is for you to stop scolding me. For you to stop nagging me.

Since they’ve known each other for over twenty years, it’s positive to see the two maintain such a close friendship where they can joke around and laugh about the old days. See Rain amuse them both by sharing why he’d get scolded.