Rain Is Shocked At The Music Charts For His New Remix Version Of “Gang”

Do you do “1 Gang a day”?

Singer Rain, who was one of the hottest artists of his time, releasing hit albums and starring in movies, has been quiet in the Korean entertainment industry after his album in 2014.

Suddenly, due to the help of social media, Rain has been called back into the spotlight due to his interesting performance of his 2017 single Gang. The choreography and lyrics gained much attention from the younger generation and quickly became a worldwide meme.

Parodies began to appear online in 2019 called the “1 Gang a day”, and has lead up to the sudden popularity of Rain and his song today.

This movement began to take over the internet and became a phenomenon, with Rain even appearing on a popular TV show.

Due to his sudden popularity in the media, he was also invited to be a judge for the upcoming K-Pop survival show I-LAND.

Due to the sudden popularity of his song, Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park and HAON released a remix version of “Gang.”

Rain was so surprised that this new version actually topped the charts of popular music charts including Melon, Bugs, and Genie.

He even posted on his Instagram, “This…why? What is going on….this is strange…I’m so surprised…it shouldn’t be like this…I made it for fun….”

Watch the original music video below!

Below is the remix version of “Gang.”