Rain and Stephen Colbert Were Once Arch Enemies, No Joke


Is it possible not to like Rain? He’s a great actor, fantastic singer, and has some of the smoothest dance moves around. But interestingly enough it was everyone’s love for him that eventually led to the idol becoming enemy number one in Stephen Colbert‘s books.


It all started when Stephen Colbert was voted the second most influential person in the world according to a Time magazine poll in May 2007. Who came in first you ask? Rain!


Stephen Colbert had previously come out on top but was kicked out of the spot by the singer. From that point on, Stephen declared that Rain was his personal nemesis! And in a show of good faith that he really was his enemy, Stephen filmed a satirical music video of Rain’s popular single “How To Avoid The Sun”.


This caught the attention of Korean news media outlets…


Which just meant that Stephen had to keep the friendly rivalry going, even if he didn’t always have the easiest time thinking of Rain as the enemy.


Then everything changed when a video from the star telling him to “keep his day job” made it’s way to Stephen Colbert.


This video prompted Stephen to challenge Rain to a dance-off.


What happened next was one of the greatest moments ever! Rain did show up for the dance battle.


And the two busted out their own dance moves. At first, things even looked pretty even…


Until they moved on to DDR and Rain turned up the heat!


And blew Stephen away…literally!


While Stephen did mention Rain a couple more times after the epic dance battle, the flames of their rivalry had mostly died down. That being said, there is no way this will ever be forgotten! Check out some of Stephen’s most iconic Rain moments and their dance off below.