Rain Had The Funniest Response When He Thought Super Junior Was Coming On His Show

Rain could roast his longtime friends just a little😂

The friendship between Rain and the Super Junior members has been going on so long that it’s been over ten years. So when Rain thought the group was coming on his show Season B Season, he had the most savagely funny response.

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk.

When the staff handed Rain tickets for the show’s theme, he easily narrowed down that a group with at least seven members would be appearing.

Knowing the group was from SM Entertainment, he asked about the two most likely choices. Rain asked, “Is it EXO or NCT?

One of the staff members tried to throw him off their trail by saying, “It could be Super Junior.

Making everyone laugh, Rain had a message for his friends. He said, “Tell them to stop coming.

Since Super Junior has appeared in Season B Season quite a few times, Rain couldn’t help joking that they could take a break from each other.

Watch Rain roast his close friends in Super Junior just a little here.

Super Junior

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