Rain Has The Most Unexpected Friendship Advice For NCT DREAM After Seeing How Close They Are

He based it on a hilarious experience with Park Jin Young.

NCT DREAM‘s Glitch Mode is out, and the members made one fun-filled stop at Rain‘s Season B Season to promote the album. They played some games and ended up spilling some tea about their friendship, to which Rain had the most hilariously unexpected thing to say.

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The members of NCT DREAM are known to have quite a close friendship, so naturally they were asked about it on the show. Specifically, the producers asked them about the friendship bracelets and rings that they had gotten together.

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But Rain’s reaction was totally unexpected. Upon hearing that NCT DREAM had friendship rings and bracelets, he immediately declared, “Don’t be too close, guys.”

He didn’t exactly elaborate on why, but he did share a hilarious personal example. He revealed that at one point, he and Park Jin Young had considered getting friendship rings together as well, something that seemed to highly amuse Haechan.

But Rain had ended up shutting the idea down when it was suggested that his ring be engraved with ‘JYP,’ saying “And I was like, that’s not necessary.”

This hilarious story prompted the NCT DREAM members to reveal that their own friendship bracelet journey hadn’t been smooth sailing either. Renjun related that they had originally planned to have custom-made silver bracelets with their names engraved, and he had asked Haechan to get them done. Except, Haechan somehow ended up not getting silver bracelets.

Rain asked them how much the bracelets had cost and the members confirmed that they had been surprisingly expensive, which is why Haechan had ended up getting in trouble with them.

And when Rain asked them how they had handed Haechan the money, they also confirmed that it had been through a bank transfer. Rain then hilariously exposed Haechan, saying, “It’s smelling a little fishy.”

Friendship bracelet troubles aside, it’s always been clear that the members of NCT DREAM have a very genuine and caring friendship. In fact, since Chenle injured his ankle right before the comeback, the members have shown the different ways they each take care of him, proving that they are all always there for each other. They now have friendship rings (which have their own story behind them), so despite Rain’s hilarious advice to not be too close, NCT DREAM’s friendship is clearly only getting stronger!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.