Rap Monster overwhelmed with joy after Brazilian ARMY did this for him

BTS received an overwhelming reaction from their fans in Brazil as footage of their recent concert were uploaded. 

BTS recently met with their fans in Brazil through their ongoing concert, The Wings Tour. During the sold-out event, Brazilian fans showed exactly how much they loved the idol group through their fan chants.

A video uploaded by one showed the fans’ admiration for BTS member Rap Monster. The video was from his performance of the track, “Reflection.” During his stellar stage, every time he sang the line “I wish I could love myself,” his fans would loudly respond with, “We Love You.” 

The video immediately received positive recognition from fellow fans who expressed their praise for the Brazilian fans.

Rap Monster, too, appeared to be moved by the cheering, as he changed the lyrics of the song during the second night’s show to let Brazilian A.R.M.Y.‘s know he had heard them. The new lyrics caused fans to erupt in joy.

“Yes, I do love myself.”

– BTS’s Rap Monster

BTS was in Brazil on March 19 and 20 as part of their ongoing tour. After which, they will be heading to other packed events in Newark, Chicago, and Anaheim.