Rapper BewhY Donated a Crazy Amount of Money to His Church Right After “Show Me the Money 5”

His car is also more modest than what most would expect from a successful rapper.

It’s not often that Rapper BewhY participates in variety shows, so he’s been receiving a lot of attention ahead of his appearance on KBS’s Happy Sunday 4.

Among the past stories that have been resurfacing online, BewhY’s church donation story has been drawing particular interest.

In a past conversation with fans, Bewhy revealed his earnings and even revealed that he donated 100 million won (~$85,000 USD) to his church following Show Me the Money 5.

When a fan asked, “Super B makes 100 million won per month so he got a Maserati. How much do you make?” BewhY answered, “Once Show Me the Money 5 ended, I saved 100 million won over the span of 5 months and then donated it to my church.

He continued, “My accountant said I could get a Rolls-Royce, but I’m still driving the Volkswagon that I got when I won Show Me the Money 5. I’m living more modestly compared to how much I earn.

Source: Insight