Rapper Claims RM Debuted With BTS Because Of Him

This rapper got RM’s phone number and changed his life forever!

On an episode of Radio Star, rapper Sleepy shared he is the one who discovered BTS‘s RM.

Sleepy first met RM at a rapper crew audition, back when RM was a middle school student. Sleepy saw RM rap and immediately fell in love with the young aspiring rapper.

He asked for RM’s number, which he held on to until he was asked to recommend a rapper.

When I was asked if I knew any good rappers around, I chose RM and gave his phone number.

— Sleepy

With Sleepy’s introduction, RM was able to join the BTS team and debut successfully.

I’m sure he did a great job making his own way into the team after I introduced him.

— Sleepy

While the panelists continued to question whether the story is true, Sleepy confidently confirmed that RM is also aware of the fact that he is the one who suggested him to the producers.

RM doesn’t talk about me a lot, but he knows. He even talked about it online.

— Sleepy

After RM and the group BTS’s immense success, Sleepy asked RM to feature on one of his tracks. Sleepy waited a year before he heard back while RM wanted to work with Sleepy, unfortunately, RM’s agency turned the request down.

RM said he’d like to, but the agency kept having meetings about the idea. I waited a year before I heard back a no. It’s too bad really.

— Sleepy

Though he was unable to collaborate with Sleepy, RM in fact does remember that it is Sleepy who helped him reach his dreams. In an interview, RM also shared the same background story about how he came to join BTS.

I auditioned for an underground entertainment agency and Sleepy was there. Sleepy was good friends with the producer of BTS and he introduced me.

— RM

With a whole lot of talent and a little bit of Sleepy’s connections, RM was able to become a member of one of Korea’s most successful K-Pop idol groups! Check out RM’s skills from when he was 15 years old in this compilation of RM’s rap parts:

Source: Dispatch