Rapper DinDin accidentally reveals his love life

On MBC‘s “Secretly Greatly” rapper and tv personality DinDin, accidentally revealed his current love life situation, shocking the show’s staff and viewers as well.

On the February 26 episode of “Secretly Greatly,” DinDin went through a tarot fortune card session. The topic at the time was luck in relationships and DinDin wanted to know more about his current luck with everything love related.

At first, DinDin was taken back when the fortune teller told him that there were no women in his life. Then the fortune teller added that there would be one woman this month as an exception, though.

That’s when DinDin got very shocked and revealed the following in the heat of the moment.

“Oh my god how did you know? I actually have someone I’m going to meet this month. It’s going to be the first time but I really like this person. She’s a TV announcer.”

– DinDin

Everyone during the recording of the show lost it and burst out of laughing at the shocking revelation.

Celebrities tend to be careful when talking about their love life, but DinDin showed an actual, natural reaction that made everyone love this genuine moment.

Watch the moment this revelation happens below!

Source: Dispatch