Rapper DinDin Talks About Irene’s Nose Hair

Rapper DinDin came out on MBC’s variety love advice program “Oppa Thoughts” and participated in a dating simulation game.

The dating game let participants choose their ideal type and DinDin chose Red Velvet’s Irene because he is known for being an Irene stan!

The game’s concept was about tackling unique dating situations and DinDin had to figure out what to do if your date had her nose hairs sticking out!

DinDin didn’t know what do in this situation and first started to send signals to “Irene” by touching his nose repeatedly to send some hints.

Since the hints weren’t working, DinDin went on the aggressive and decided to playfully pick her nose to send the nose hairs back inside!

After completing the mission, “Irene” revealed that she purposely showed her nose hairs to see if DinDin liked her even if she had nose hairs.

DinDin didn’t hesitate and said he still liked “Irene” and the game ended with DinDin moving to the next stage!

DinDin is a true Irene shipper!

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