Rapper Dok2 Pays $6500 Per Day To Live In This Mind-Blowing Hotel

Dok2 lives in this enormous hotel suite with its own library and indoor garden.

On a recent episode of My Ugly Duckling, rapper Dok2 gave a sneak peak into the hotel he currently calls home!


Located in the Yongsan district of Seoul, Dok2’s room is a 3-bedroom penthouse found in the Seoul Dragon City hotel. Meant for 6 people, the room is measured at 130 pyeong.


For those unfamiliar with pyeong, that’s equivalent to 425㎡, or 4625 square feet!


The penthouse has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a library, and an indoor garden.


The rooms overlook the Han River, and it costs 6,969,000 KRW for a 1-night stay.


That’s roughly $6,481 USD a night to stay in this luxurious penthouse!


Dok2 truly knows how to live the life of luxury!


Check out a clip of the deluxe penthouse below:

Source: Nate and Segye via Naver