Rapper Heize’s Unlikely Obsession Will Surprise You

Disney movies are hits all around the world and rapper Heize has revealed her surprising obsession with one of their characters.

Heize talked about her obsession with Olaf from Frozen when she appeared on MBC‘s I Live Alone. As the show followed Heize during her daily routine, they revealed her extensive collection of Frozen memorabilia. Heize revealed that she takes care of the Olaf plushes as if they were human. She refers to them as her children and lays them to sleep. She also mentioned that she has two small Olaf replicas in her refrigerator because they’re snowmen, so she has to keep them cool.

Heize later discussed why she enjoys the movie and in particular, the character of Olaf so much. Heize stated that it was the characters childlike innocence that appealed to her and she admires people in her life who are similar to the character.

Her obsession with Olaf has become well known with her fans as she often posts images of him on social media.


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Heize has even included her favorite character in the cover image for her comeback this month. The image shows Heize as she sits as she sits on a bed with plushes of Olaf in the background.