Rapper Loco Sweetly Flirts With MAMAMOO’s Hwasa During “Hyena On The Keyboard”

Loco and Hwasa not only sound good together, but actually would make a precious couple!

Rapper Loco has been helplessly falling in love with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa over the past few episodes of the TV program Hyena on the Keyboard and fans are also helplessly falling in love with how adorable their relationship is.


Hwasa first approached Loco to work on a song together for the show, as she has always wanted to collaborate with Loco. When she called Loco, he wasn’t sure what was going on.


In the past, Loco has continuously picked Hwasa as his ideal type, so when he found out it was Hwasa’s phone call, he was completely taken aback!

“I’d love to work with you!” — Loco


After the artists decided to collaborate on a track together, Loco and Hwasa met at a recording studio and got to know each other better. The two looked back to the time they first met at a performance. When Hwasa mentioned she knew Loco was there, he couldn’t control himself!

“I remember seeing you in the audience. It was a short moment, but memorable so I haven’t forgotten.” — Hwasa


When Woogie, the producer, arrived, the three of them began working on the song. Woogie asked Loco what he likes in terms of music, but Loco gave the sweetest answer that had Hwasa smiling ear to ear.

“Me? I like… Hwasa.” — Loco


The producer asked, “What key are you most comfortable with?” in effort to figure out Hwasa’s vocal range. Then Loco sneaked in a pick up line that drove not only Hwasa but all the fans wild too!

“How about 174? My key (키, height) is 174.” — Loco


Later on the show, Loco showed up to Hwasa’s neighborhood to pick her up to the studio. When Loco pulled up in his car, Hwasa was surprised and happy.


The two relentlessly flirted during the drive over, with Loco telling Hwasa he’ll talk so she can save her voice.

“You don’t talk a lot before you sing, right? Don’t worry, I’ll keep talking. If you want, you can whisper.” — Loco


Loco also pulled out a gift he prepared for Hwasa. He pretended like it was no big deal, stating “I picked this up on my way here.” But he had picked out a dark purple shade of lipstick to complement her skin tone.


Other guests lost their patience at Loco and Hwasa and playfully teased the two for being in love. Loco tried to explain, “Hyejin (Hwasa) got me a gift first, so I thought I’d return the favor.”

The guests were mind-blown by the fact that Loco and Hwasa are on real name basis now!


Could this be the beginning of Loco and Hwasa really hitting it off? Perhaps. But one thing is clear – the two make an absolutely adorable couple and fans would 100% approve.