Rapper Swings Faces Criticism for Running a “Criminal Label” Following NO:EL’s Recent Charges

There are other rappers under Swings’ label that were charged for various crimes.

Channel A recently reported that rapper, NO:EL was charged with drinking and driving, which drew stirred quite the controversy amongst the public.

And in the midst of it all, Swings, who’s the CEO of Indigo Music, which NO:EL is signed under, has been facing a great deal of criticism as well.

Some netizens who read the report made comments on Swings’ Instagram account such as “Doesn’t that just make your label a criminal label? School violence, sexual assault, and now drinking and driving” and “This is the result of you covering for their bad behavior with money“.

And another netizen brought up Black Nut, who was charged for sexually assaulting Kitti B and is also a part of Swings’ label, Just Music.

Furthermore, even rapper, C Jamm‘s name was mentioned in the comments for being another fellow agency mate who was charged for using drugs.

It’s predicted by some that the reason for the rage toward Swings is because he safeguarded NO:EL’s behavior prior to the charges.

Source: Insight