Rapper Swings Leaves a Message for the Man Who Destroyed His Pizza Restaurant’s Sign

Instead of expressing his rage, Swings took a moment to self-reflect.

Rapper, Swings recently posted a CCTV footage along with a message to the man who destroyed the sign of his new pizza restaurant, “Phoenix” on his official Instagram account.

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피닉스 피자 간판 부시기 사건. 이런 일이 허다한데.. 저번엔 어떤 사람이 우리 사옥 와서 문 다 부시고 나 찾고 경찰서 끌려가고. 누군 무단침입해서 잡히고 새벽에.. 누군 내 오토바이 돌인지 몽둥인 갖다 부시고 ㅋㅋㅋ 모든 방면에서 디스 터지지, 사기꾼들은 협박하고 어설프게 돈 뜯어내려고 하지. 성공하기도 하고. 인정하기 싫지만 자신의 삶에서 자꾸 이런 일이 일어난다는 건 나한테도 문제가 있다는 것을 양자물리학에 대해서 조금 알게 된 이후로 인정하게 됐어. 그런데도 계속 이런 일이 터지는 건, 사실 내가 원했기 때문이야. 내가 만든 현실이야. 하지만 이젠 바꿔볼게. 조금 더 어른이 돼 볼게. ps: 피자 간판 워류겐한 친구 혹시 보고 있다면 내가 그동안 사람들 나한테 피해 줄때마다 항상 대인배인 척 봐줬는데 당신은 우리 직원들 무시하면서 조롱했다던데.. 이제 당신도 작용 반작용 원리 한 번 몸으로 체험하고 언젠가 인사하러 오면 피자나 한 조각 같이 나눠 먹으면서 후기 얘기해줘요. #imjmwdp #올해도우리꺼 #피닉스피자사랑합니다

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According to the video, a man was passing the restaurant when he suddenly started to kick the sign in a violent manner.

When an employee noticed this, she checked his identity while talking to someone on the phone, and from the seems of his behavior, the man is speculated to have been drunk.

In addition to the video, Swings also posted a photo of the sign being half broken, but it’s the message he wrote that’s gaining more attention.

Swings shared, “This kind of stuff happens all the time. Last time, someone smashed the window, looked for me, and then got dragged to the police station. He trespassed and broke my motorcycle. I hate to admit it, but the fact that this kind of stuff keeps happening to me means there’s a problem with me, too.

He also added, “But the real reason why this kind of stuff keeps happening is that I want them to happen. I’ll try to change.

In addition, Swings left a message for the man who broke his sign and expressed that he has no hard feelings by writing, “If you ever decide to visit me again, let’s share a pizza together and you can tell me what you think about it.

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