Rare Clip of Pre-Debut SEVENTEEN As Back Up Dancers Graces The Internet And Blesses Carats

They were such babies in 2013!

The popular South Korean TV program Hanbam, formerly known as Night of TV Entertainment, revealed a never-before-seen video clip of some SEVENTEEN members spotted at the 2013 SBS Music Awards and Carats are full speeding down memory lane on the throwback train!


The TV show initially went to interview the now disbanded girl group Hello Venus. As one of the many K-Pop idols to perform a special stage to celebrate the awards ceremony, Hello Venus commented that they had prepared in collaboration with a “Soon-to-debut group SEVENTEEN”.


Members S.Coups, DK, Wonwoo, Hoshi, Vernon, and former SEVENTEEN trainee-turned-actor Jang Do Yoon are all captured in the video.


When asked to say hello to the viewers, members didn’t even have the iconic “Say the name! SEVENTEEN” introduction yet — so they opted for the very basic, “Hello, we’re SEVENTEEN”. In fact, at this time, they weren’t even sure who was actually going to debut as a part of the team!


Regardless, pre-debut SEVENTEEN were equally as enthusiastic about the stage as they are now. Hoshi spoke on behalf of the group members and thanked the program and Hello Venus for an opportunity to experience the spotlight as pre-debut trainees.

It’s such an honor to be a part of such a huge performance when we’re only a pre-debut group. And Hello Venus sunbae-nims helped us so much, putting this together.

— Hoshi


The members in their young days, between the (Korean) ages of 16-19 at the time — an average age of seventeen, look like babies in the video and Carats simply can’t handle all the UWU!


While in the video taken in 2013 the members mention that their debut is close, the group’s debut was actually postponed two years. SEVENTEEN, after a few member changes, came to be as we know them now in 2015.


Here’s the special stage baby-SEVENTEEN put on with Hello Venus:


And here’s the clip from Hanbam that took us behind the scenes: