Rare footage of TWICE Sana giving love to GFRIEND Eunha

TWICE‘s Sana was spotted on camera showering GFRIEND’s Eunha with love and affection.

TWICE and GFRIEND have shown intimacy with each other and have somewhat become like sisters. In fact, since the two groups became friendly with one another, Sana has shown member Eunha the same kind of care and affection she would show to her own groupmates. Affection, skinship, nothing is too much for Sana the lovebug.

Recently, TWICE’s Sana was seen on live broadcast showing her affection for GFRIEND’s Eunha by showering her with affections and hugs!

And Sana does not want to let go of her! She just wants to keep showing her love for Eunha. 

The two groups have developed a special connection, and have even performed each other’s songs in the past.

TWICE performing ‘Me Gustas Tu’ by GFRIEND:

And here’s GFRIEND performing ‘OOH AHH’ by TWICE:

Hopefully in the future we’ll get to see more of TWICE and GFRIEND!