This Rare Irene Selfie is Going Viral

Red Velvet‘s Irene doesn’t usually take selfies, but when she does, it goes viral. 

Irene’s extraordinary beauty is undeniable, but despite being the visual of Red Velvet, she does not often post her selfies on the group’s social media.

After posting a  selfie and a cute video on Instagram, Irene’s name shot up to #5 on the real-time search on Naver and remained there for approximately two hours.

Irene puts her hair up in a simple ponytail and sports a white t-shirt in the selfie. Fans couldn’t help but point out that her makeup was perfect as the blushed cheeks and bright pink lipstick adds even more to her cuteness.

It’s easy to see why Irene is always ranked at the top of girl group visuals!

After this selfie was posted, she immediately posted a 3-second video of her smiling then making a peace sign, which presumably was taken at the same time as her selfie. The photo and video were taken during Red Velvet’s “Rookie” promotions.

Irene has been taking fans breathe away recently.