Statistics Chart Shows Just How Popular GOT7 Really Is…And They’re Only Getting Started

They’re really “Fly”ing!

GOT7 are proving themselves to be an A+ group. It’s been five years since they debuted but this group keeps gaining steam and their jump in popularity is actually kind of scary.


Their comeback, 7 for 7, had albums selling out completely during the first week, for a total of 175,230 album sales. Their next album, Eyes On You, by contrast, sold 130,000 albums within just the first 2 days (that’s a 260% increase in daily album sales!).


Maybe even more impressive is just how popular their music video for “Look” is. GOT7’s previous music video, You Are, drew 4.1 million views within the first 24 hours, but that’s nothing compared to Look, which received nearly 6.6 million views (in 24 hours).


And their latest song “Miracle” already has over 25 million views after just a week!


GOT7’s leader JB was proud of the group but thinks they can still continue to grow.


Netizens have also noticed how much effort and passion the members have put into their music.

  • “When I look at them, it just seems like they don’t know what giving up is.  Just look at Jackson alone, you can feel his passion.”

  • “I’m another group’s fan but I was shocked at the digital charts this time.”

  • “To be honest, they’re amazing!”

  • “Every time I watched their stage I was thinking how good they’re as performers, they poured everything out on stage. A humble hard-working group like them sure will be successful.”

  • “Awww I’m so happy for them. They’re so talented and deserve all the success!”


Check out their latest video below to see why this group’s popularity just keeps rising.