Real Life “Couple Photos” Of Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Went Viral Online… Before They Confirmed Their Relationship

They had all the netizens’ support.

On the popular Netflix drama, Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are showing off such impressive chemistry that they look like a real-life couple.

As a result, countless posts regarding the two actors flooded social media and online communities.

And the most popular ones among them all are the ones that showed Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin looking like a sweet couple in real life.

Community posts shared photos of the two being absolutely adorable together offset.

One photo shows the two sitting with their shoulders touching and bright smiles on their faces…

While others show the two celebrating Hyun Bin’s birthday together.

What makes it even more adorable is how shy Hyun Bin looks in the photos.

Aside from those, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have selfies together, as well as photos of them just messing around.

Despite past rumors of the two dating, it has never been confirmed… until January 2021 when it was made official!

But fans couldn’t help but fantasize prior to the confirmation, and they squealed over the two with comments such as “I fully support this couple“, “They look so good together“, and “Their sweetness makes me happy“.

Fans can dream, right? Dreams really do come true.