Hyoyeon’s Mom Forced Her To Audition At SM Entertainment, Here’s Why

Hyoyeon‘s mom was a fan of H.O.T so she made Hyeoyeon audition for SM Entertainment.

Back in the year 2000, Hyoyeon was an ordinary 11-year-old. She went to elementary school and had no inclination towards becoming a celebrity.

Hyoyeon’s mom at the time was a H.O.T fan, and she wanted to really meet H.O.T.
H.O.T was under SM Entertainment, so she made her daughter, Hyoyeon audition at SM.

Things turned out better than anticipated and Hyeoyeon passed her audition with flying colors. She was applauded for her incredible dancing skills and her captivating stage presence. Hyoyeon spent seven years as a trainee before finally debuting in the legendary girl group, Girls Generation.

Former and current artists of SM Entertainment such as Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk got to see Hyoyeon’s progress as a trainee till her debut. They both talked highly of Hyoyeon because of her dancing skills. Even as a trainee, Hyoyeon stood out amongst 100 trainees and if you wanted to learn to dance, you’d go to Hyoyeon according to Eunhyuk. Lee Minwoo after seeing her dance thought that Hyoyeon could easily become the 2nd BoA.

Hyoyeon’s mom might have innocently sent her daughter to audition for an off-chance of meeting H.O.T, but because of her, the world received one of the greatest K-Pop dancers.

Any footage of Hyoyeon dancing is amazing but here’s one of them that is especially jaw-dropping

Source: Nate Pann