This is the real reason Nam Taehyun left WINNER

Nam Taehyun has finally revealed his answer to the question everyone has been asking: “Why did you leave WINNER?”

Nam Taehyun recently held a special online interview with Dingo where he talked about what he did for his birthday, how he came up with his band’s name, and finally revealed the reason why he ended up leaving WINNER.

“There was a lot of speculation as to why I left, but those are just speculations. I left after coming to an agreement with the members. We had different paths we wanted to take. It was difficult when I left. [WINNER] was a place just like home.”

— Nam Taehyun

Nam Taehyun currently has no regrets after leaving WINNER but he did mention one aspect that did trouble him.

“I’m just sorry. Because of me, there were both good and bad changes that were made [to WINNER]. I’m praying that they end up being just good changes in the future.

I’m poor now. I was rich in YG but now I’m back at my level.”

— Nam Taehyun

As for the story behind his band’s name, South Buyers Club (later shortened to South Club) was inspired by the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Nam Taehyun changed Dallas to South since Nam () in Korean means South.

Check out Nam Taehyun’s full interview below:

Source: Dingo