The Real Story Behind One Of Red Velvet Joy’s Most Legendary Photos

So that’s how she made that pose!

When it comes to award shows, there is no denying that K-Pop idols always look their very best, and so many iconic moments and pictures come out of each event. In particular, fans noticed a particular image from the 2017 MAMA awards from Red Velvet‘s Joy which caught the attention of fans at the time.

Red Velvet’s Joy at the 2017 MAMA Awards

Red Velvet appeared on an episode of MMTG with host JaeJae where the members talked about some iconic moments in their career, their comeback, and much more!

Talking to each of the members about iconic photos, Joy was up first, and JaeJae asked her if there was a moment she thought she looked the most legendary. Like many fans, Joy picked the Peek-A-Boo era, and JaeJae had to talk about that iconic 2017 MAMA picture.

Joy looks absolutely flawless in the image as she stares into the distance in a sparkly red dress. Yet, it turns out there was an actual story behind the pose, and it wasn’t what you might expect. It was something that only she knew when asked if she knew if she was being photographed.

Joy said that she didn’t know she was being photographed, but the pose was actually done for a reason.

So back then, I had braces. But my braces came off that day. So, it hurt so much, and it was bothering me.

— Joy

Also, because the awards were held abroad that year in various countries, it wasn’t as if Joy could get help from her dentist, which was why she was caught in that pose.

It was overseas, so I couldn’t go to the dentist. My braces came undone suddenly, and the wire kept poking me. So, we cut it off with a nipper, and I was touching it because it was bothering me.

— Joy

Yet, as JaeJae and her group members pointed out that she still managed to look flawless and produced one of the most iconic images in K-Pop! Obviously, with Joy’s visuals, she looks amazing at all times, and this was just another example!

For more behind-the-scenes stories from each Red Velvet member, make sure to watch the whole video below!

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