This Freakishly Realistic Doll Is An Exact Replica Of BTS V

This may be a little bit creepy, but definitely beautiful ball-joint doll is designed to look just like BTS‘s V.


The doll is designed by Distant Memory to capture V’s delicate features in doll-like realism.

The doll has everything, from his bow-shaped lips to his long full eyelashes!


It’s so accurate, it even has the small mole on V’s nose!

That is some incredible detail!

There’s also a doll that looks just like Jimin.

This doll has slightly softer features, much like Jimin himself.

Cat-like eyes, a button nose, and fuller lips all look just like him!

These gorgeous dolls are currently sold out, and fans are waiting patiently for their chance to have their miniature versions of the BTS members!

SourceDistant Memory