Reality Show Beef? — “Fantasy Boys” Producer Disses “Boys Planet” And “PeakTime” Contestants

Will you be tuning in to “Fantasy Boys?”

K-Pop survival shows have become more popular recently, attracting idol hopefuls worldwide. A new survival series, Fantasy Boys, recently aired its first episode and has already gained attention from online viewers.


During a press conference on the day the show aired, the show’s judges (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon, 2PM‘s Wooyoung, Jung Jinyoung, and WINNER‘s Seungyoon, along with MC TVXQ‘s Changmin and several of the show’s producers fielded questions from media.

WINNER’s Seungyoon, Jung Jinyoung, 2PM’s Wooyoung, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, and TVXQ’s Changmin| New1

When asked what would set Fantasy Boys apart from the other shows in the competitive boy group survival show market, primarily Boys Planet and Peak Time, the chief producer shared that they have a bit of a different approach than the traditional model.

We’ve actually been putting the show together for over a year. We didn’t know that we’d be premiering it amid other ongoing survival shows. But we have clear goals for the program, and we’re confident about our content. Our producers and show hosts are going to set us apart from the rest. We have the best producers on board.”

— Fantasy Boys Chief Producer Kang

One of the show’s other producers answered the question in a way that raised some eyebrows.

We have 54 trainees, and all of them are good-looking, which is what sets us apart from the other survival shows.

— Producer Park

While Boys Planet did have some mixed feelings about the look of the trainees’ profile photos, including Haruto hilariously commenting on his own badly edited photo…


⚠️ib: on video “i look good in real life, right?” yes haruto you are! #haruto #boysplanet

♬ som original – kiki 🥊

…fans of “Boys Planet” thought the call-out was unnecessary.

Boys Planet didn’t let the “diss” go unanswered, however! The show released plenty of content the day Fantasy Boys aired, including a clip of popular trainee Kim Jiwoong seemingly sending a shot back!

The real fantasy only exist on Boys Planet.

— Kim Jiwoong

All shows have plenty of handsome and talented idols and trainees, giving everyone who watches many options for who to support! Will you be tuning into Fantasy Boys now that it has aired?

Boys Planet

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