The Reality Of TREASURE’s Dorm Conditions As Trainees And How Their Treatment Changed After Debut

Hyunsuk, Jihoon, and Yoshi open up about the “poor environment” they experienced as trainees.

TREASURE‘s Yoshi and leaders Hyunsuk and Jihoon were recently the first YG Entertainment artists to appear on the popular variety program, The Kstar Next Door, hosted by Jonathan Thona.

(From left:) Jonathan Thona, TREASURE’s Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Jihoon | @MnetKR/Twitter

Being the first YG Entertainment artists on the show, the three TREASURE members gave Jonathan and viewers the inside scoop on what it was like being a trainee with the famed entertainment company.

Getting down to business, Jonathan began the popular K-Profile segment of the show, where he presents guests with a keyword related to them, and they explain more about the meaning.

For TREASURE, the first keyword was “K-Pump Idol,” referring to the group being “pumped up” by YG Entertainment.

Jonathan brought up the fact that the TREASURE members were able to live in smaller groups across separate dorms shortly after their debut.

Hyunsuk and Jihoon had previously stated with filming The Game Caterers with some of their labelmates that the members had their own rooms, surprising their labelmates, many of whom shared rooms with their fellow members during their debut era and slept on the floor.

TREASURE clarified that they requested separate rooms after their debut because of the tough conditions they faced as trainees.

Jihoon admitted their “environment was poor” when they were trainees and revealed that ten members slept together in the same room.

He shared that it was like being in an army, so they knew they had to request an extra dorm for their larger group.

The members revealed that their company granted the request right away and were unexpectedly “cool about it.

Since YG Entertainment took their request so well, Jonathan asked if the members had any other requests in mind for their company.

Hyunsuk hilariously responded that the group was taking it slow, acknowledging they have more they want from the company and will time their requests for the best chance they’ll be approved.

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