The Real Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Lisa Loves The Edelweiss Flower So Much It’s One Of Her Tattoos

She has a special memory of it.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea where she discussed her most memorable moment from Coachella, her feature in Taeyang‘s song “Shoong,” what she says to comfort herself, and many more.


Aside from that, she was also asked about her favorite flower, Edelweiss, and why she loves it so much. It turns out it has held a special place in her heart since childhood!

You have experience creating a limited edition watch with Bulgari from the inspiration you gathered from the Edelweiss flower. We were curious to why you chose the Edelweiss as your favorite flower.

— Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Edelweiss flower | Masterclass

According to the “MONEY” singer, it all started when she was a young 5-year-old child and she travelled to her dad’s hometown of Switzerland. She recalls climbing a mountain and seeing a “white and cute flower.” It was a poignant memory that she never forgot.

Maybe when I was five? When I was in Kindergarten, I traveled with my family to my father’s hometown in Switzerland. While going up the mountain, I remembered seeing a white and cute flower and that memory must have stayed with me.

— Lisa

Lisa as a child with her dad
Lisa as an adult with her dad

That’s the reason why when people started asking her to name her favorite flower, she remembered it again. Aside from the heartwarming memory, she also likes how it represents innocence and feels like a first love.

When people started to ask what was my favorite flower, I thought about it and I remembered the little flower. I looked it up and learned that the flower represented innocence and I liked it even more. It also feels like first love.

— Lisa

Seeing how meaningful the flower is to the Thai rapper, it wasn’t surprising when she was spotted with a tattoo of it on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore!

Although hidden by her outfit, it’s clear what it represents.

Here’s to hoping Lisa will one day reveal it in all its glory!

Source: Harper's Bazaar Korea


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