Here’s The Reason Why BTS’s V Chose To Join Big Hit Entertainment

It was for a simple reason.

BTS‘s V ended up joining Big Hit Entertainment for a simple reason.

During an episode of New Yang Nam Show, they discussed how Jungkook was scouted by 7 different agencies and chose to join Big Hit Entertainment due to RM.

V then shared that he had a similar story to Jungkook’s. He revealed that when he had his closed audition, it was around the time when BTS’s rap line (RM, Suga, and J-Hope) released their song “Satoori Rap”. V ended up joining Big Hit Entertainment after hearing this song.

However, when V joined Big Hit Entertainment, he assumed that RM, Suga, and J-Hope would debut in a hip-hop trio, and was surprised when he found out that he was going to debut alongside them.

Jimin then commented on how everyone else chose to join Big Hit Entertainment, while for him, Big Hit Entertainment was the only company that accepted him as a trainee, which caused some laughter.

Here’s the full video below!