There’s A Reason Why All Cameras Focus On Nayeon As The Opening For TWICE’s Performances

Cameras always focus on Nayeon during TWICE’s openings for this very important reason.

TWICE recently made a comeback with their latest hit “Dance The Night Away” and fans have noticed a pattern in the group’s live performances.


It’s that all the cameras zoom in on Nayeon during the opening stage!

Netizens have noticed it’s the true for most of their past performances, too.


Fans speculate it’s because she’s the best at reacting when the camera suddenly focuses on her!

“She’s the pro idol when it comes to dealing with the camera suddenly shining on her.” — Netizen


The common opinion says she’s the best choice for openings because her bright eyes, smile and laugh draws viewers in.

“It’s not that others don’t, but I think Nayeon’s eyes are so attractive that if you use them to step into the introduction, you’ll be drawn to it.” — Netizen


Plus she has an infectious aura of happiness with her pretty-cute image!

  • “Really cute!”
  • “She’s so pretty and cute ㅠㅠ”


Netizens are calling Nayeon’s actions during the opening of a performance “refreshing”.

  • “So refreshing!”
  • “In a single shot, you can see her charm and beauty. She’s so refreshing!”
  • “Refreshing, refreshing!”


And believe Nayeon is the personification of TWICE’s concept!

  • “She fits TWICE’s image the best.”
  • “I personally think she’s the best.”
  • “She is a real professional.”
  • “She was born to be an idol.”


If reincarnation was true, being born as a camera for Nayeon sounds like a dream come true!

It’s like she’s personally smiling and knocking for you!


She literally shines during the opening stage, no matter her expression!


Way to go, Nayeon!

Source: INSTIZ