The Reason Why Female Idols Hate Getting On Stage With Pony Tails

Ponytails on stage are the worst.

Female K-Pop idols have a wide variety of hairstyles, but there is one style that they hate to be on stage with, and it’s ponytails.

While most of the female idols look amazing in their ponytails, it’s a whole different story when they are on stage.

Their hair flies around their face and annoys them.

And with even a small movement, their ponytails can hit their face real hard.

Anyone who has been whipped by their own hair will know just how much it hurts.

Then, when their dance moves become a little more intense, their hair can become a powerful weapon!

With intense choreography, their hair whips about their face making it difficult to see and sometimes being painful.

f(x)’s Krystal, however, took this sometimes painful nuisance and owned it by incorporating her own ponytail dance into their choreography!

It sure looks super annoying to get constantly whipped in the face and still have to continue dancing like nothing ever happened!