The Reasons Why Girl Groups Always Wear Blankets When They Do Interviews

The age old question is finally answered.

You may have noticed that girl groups often wear blankets on their laps when they do interviews or appearances. But why do they do it?

GFriend with blankets

During filming, whether it’s for a variety show or interview, there are usually multiple cameras rolling, and with that comes multiple angles!

Lovelyz with blankets

In order to protect their modesty from unintentional upskirts or similar awkward situations, girl group members will place a blanket on their lap.

TWICE with blankets

Alternatively, it might also be cold in the studio they’re filming in and girl groups typically wear fairly short skirts or shorts.

MAMAMOO with blankets

What about when it’s neither cold and they’re not wearing short skirts or shorts? Well, perhaps they simply enjoy the pleasant feeling of a warm fuzzy blanket! (Who doesn’t?!)

IZ*ONE with blankets

So, there you have it. That’s why girl groups wear blankets on their laps! Why did you think they did it? 🤭

Source: Quora