The Reason K-Pop Idols Aren’t Allowed To Take Photos With Fans

The exceptions are rare for a reason.

Besides the rare chance when fans can take a photo with K-Pop idols during an event…

…or the only time fans were able to take selfies with BTS‘s JungkookΒ in Hongdae, entertainment companies have banned artists from doing so. A former K-Pop idol explained why it’s an important rule to follow.

BTS’s Jungkook with a fan in 2016.

Former U-KISS member Alexander Lee (also known by his stage name Xander) revealed that smaller entertainment companies were more relaxed about taking specific photos. However, the major ones stuck to the rule of “no pictures, no matter what.” There was a reason the rule existed.

Regardless of the company’s status, Alexander emphasized that selfies with fans were off-limits for idols. He explained that “misunderstandings” could arise from those photos and gave an example of what companies try to avoid.

After a fan snaps a photo with an idol, they could use it to create dating rumors that would negatively impact their career.

Cause what happens if some girl takes a selfie with me? They could write a story and say, ‘Yeah, I’m actually secretly dating [a K-Pop idol].’ Those kind, you know?

— Alexander Lee

Since there have been cases where a single photo has revealed an idol’s romantic relationships to the world or ruined a career completely, it’s understandable why entertainment companies are so cautious about preventing the possibility.

Picture is for illustrative purposes only. | Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

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