The Reason Why Suzy Suddenly Tied Her Hair In The Airport

It was so sudden.

Recently, Suzy was seen in Incheon Airport heading to France for Paris Fashion Week. When she exited her car, her long flowing hair was let down.

But when she crossed the street for pedestrians and let reporters take her photos, her hair was magically tied up!

Many wondered when she had the time to tie her hair. Soon, it was revealed that she had actually tied her hair the moment she stepped out of the car. But why?

To show off the Dior logo at the back! Since Dior was the one who invited her to Fashion Week, she made sure to represent them through her airport clothing!

When she got inside the airport, she let her hair back down. She even let her hair down inside the airplane.


No matter what, everyone agrees that whether her hair is up or down, she looks gorgeous.

Source: TheQoo