The Reason Why Tiger JK Couldn’t Cut His Hair For Four Years Will Make You Cry

Rapper Tiger JK appeared on “Night Goblin”, where he was asked about the length of his hair.

He was asked why he chose to keep the length of his hair long, and his response moved the hearts of the viewers.

Tiger JK revealed that he didn’t cut his hair because it contained all of the memories he shared with his late father.

His father had passed away from cancer, and he felt that cutting his hair would mean cutting away the cherished memories of him.

However, he’s recently changed his mind about his decision.

“I realized that the hair is just symbolic…

As long as I know how much I love my dad, I can move on and cut my hair.”

— Tiger JK

Tiger JK thanked the hosts for allowing him to talk about his past and heal from his burdens to move on.

Source: Dispatch