This Is The Reason TWICE’s Nayeon Only Got Bottom Braces

It’s not what you might expect.

TWICE‘s Nayeon revealed she got bottom braces, and it left some fans scratching their heads as to why she’d only fix her bottom row of teeth.

Although many were surprised by her decision to get braces at all because they love her just as she is, they’re supportive of whatever makes her happier and healthier.

Nonetheless, ONCEs were eager to get to the bottom of the mystery and it didn’t take long before they found the answer! Fellow group member Tzuyu had previously expressed love for Nayeon’s crooked teeth, assuring her that she was pretty and that her front teeth are what made her uniquely her.

On a separate occasion, Tzuyu shared that she envied Nayeon’s teeth because they were part of her charm and asked her not to straight them.

Although many people get braces for health reasons, such as correcting a misaligned bite, it is wonderful to see Tzuyu encouraging her friend to embrace her flaws. Everyone needs a positive queen like Tzuyu in their life, and fans certainly appreciated seeing her lift Nayeon up.