Reasons Why Koreans In Their 20s and 30s Like BTS So Much

Korean fans in their 20s and 30s have admitted to becoming fans of Big Hit Entertainment‘s BTS for the fact that they are amazing dancers. 

On top of their ability to make us laugh with their personalities and sit in awe of their voices, BTS has amazed us countless times with their dancing. Their high skill level, organization, and timing of their dance move has caught the attention of all their fans.

BTS puts their all in their choreography. Their hard work in dancing tends to add a lot more emotion and excitement in their performances, from the martial arts moves in Bulletproof Pt.2 to their footwork in Fire.

BTS Bulletproof Pt.2

BTS Fire

Many Korean fans in their 20s and 30s say that BTS’s dancing is sexy and exciting to watch. Fans re-watch music videos, dance practices, and live performance to watch their dancing.

BTS Dope

Fans admit to not being able to do the move they see BTS doing. It fascinates them that BTS is able to carry out such difficult choreography while making it look so easy, which makes their performance even more eye-catching and cool to them.