Here’s Why Seohyun Should Be The Next CEO of SM Entertainment

CEOhyun for CEO!

Fans have long held the belief that Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun would make a fantastic CEO. The belief is so strong that they even started to call her “CEOhyun” instead of her name!

While some people aren’t convinced that she would dominate as the head of an agency, others know that she has a bunch of great qualities that would make her succeed.


But what exactly would make Seohyun a great CEO? Perhaps one of the biggest things she has on her side is her great manners, intelligence, and maturity. Fans have always noticed that she has a prim and proper personality that would translate well into a professional work place.

She is most known for these traits. Besides that, she is also known to be quite organized which would be a great trait in a CEO.


She also acts very professional. Regardless of what project she works on she gives it her all.

Her many CFs show off some of her professional abilities as she takes any project very seriously.


Seohyun is also a very understanding individual. As the unofficial leader of Girls’ Genertaion – TTS, she never scolded Tiffany or Taeyeon when they did something wrong but would instead seek to understand why there were problems in the first place.


Not only does Seohyun have a personality that would fit the position, she also has some experience and interest in politics. After the news of North Korea joining the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Seohyun performed alongside the North Korean art troupe celebrating the unification of the two Koreas.

Seohyun has also expressed interest in politics and cited former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon as an inspiration.


Another important trait that Seohyun possess is the ability to express her opinions clearly.

Even her fellow members have commented on her ability to express them!


The singer and actress also knows how to balance her professional and personal life. During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar she got into detail about how she used to only focus on work but slowly learned that she needed personal time too. Her beliefs would help her make sure any future idols under her care wouldn’t be overworked.

“Should I say I’ve found the balance? Before, I would only chase after productivity, but now I tend to enjoy doing nothing. I’ve come to understand that time that is without any weight can be meaningful from time to time. When I first debuted, I thought my entertainer career itself was everything in my life, but now I feel that my career is really just a part of my life. Within this part, I still put all of my efforts but I also focus on family and friends.” — Seohyun


Finally, Seohyun understands that each individual has different dreams. This would ensure that she listens to everyone and can come up with a plan to help them achieve these dreams.

“And after 10 years, Girls’ Generation have come to understand and respect that we could have different prospects for our futures.” — Seohyun


Seohyun really does have some great qualifications that would make her one kick-butt CEO!

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