Recent Photos Of Seolhyun In Skintight Dress Are Blowing People’s Minds

She’s got a killer body!

Since her debut with AOA, Seolhyun has stunned fans were her innocent face and amazing body.


But her most recent photos in a figure-hugging pink dress have fans going crazy!


The dress accentuates her amazing figure and highlights her beauty.


And while fans are going wild for this dress, this isn’t the only time that Seolhyun has blown away her fans! She’s had numerous stage outfits that left fans speechless.


And she looks stunning in this form-fitting dress.


Seolhyun even makes a turtle-neck stylish and irresistibly sexy!


She also once surprised fans with this beautiful one-shoulder gown at the 2015 Seoul Drama Awards red carpet.


Her figure was on full display in AOA’s Baywatch-inspired outfit from their “Good Luck” music video.


And her beauty shone on SK Telecom‘s “SOL” CF.


Arguably the only time she’s had a reaction anywhere close to this mind-blowing pink dress is the time she wore this pretty gown at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.


However, there is just something special about the pink dress that has fans coming back for more.

  • “Her body is seriously killer.”

  • “Her waist and hip line are beautiful.”

  • “Even as a woman, I find her so pretty. Face, body, just everything!”

  • “Wow, her body’s surely in the top 1%.”

  • “Gorgeous queen!”

  • “Her body is to die for.”

  • “Her proportions are so good.”

  • “The pretty face, the killer body, the beautiful personality. Seolhyun has it all.”

Source: News Nate