Recent Photos Of Somi Reveal Her Legs Are Getting Ridiculously Long

Somi updated her Instagram with photos of her working out and netizens are amazed at how long and fit her legs are getting!

Recent photos from Somi‘s Instagram are showing off just how fit and long her legs are getting!

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The 17-year-old Canadian-Korean singer best known for her appearance on Produce 101 and a member of I.O.I. has been training hard at JYP.


From her recent posts, her legs have noticeably gotten longer from the days she was on Produce 101!


Not only has it grown longer, but it’s got an incredibly fit shape that leaves trainers envious of her figure!


And her Instagram posts prove that she’s been working hard for it too!


Fans are jealously commenting that she’s got some amazing genes! Not only does Somi have a beautiful face but a beautiful body as well!


And let’s not forget, she’s only 17 years old! She’s still a growing girl!

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Source: Pann Nate