Here’s The Most Recent Time BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Made The Members Laugh…And It Was Due To Her “Strange” Behavior

Jisoo is one unique person!

BLACKPINK were recently guests on 1theK Originals Prison Interview, where they answered a variety of questions. One question they were asked was for Jisoo, where she was asked about the most recent time she had made the members laugh.

Jisoo decided to reenact the moment, and as soon as she started, the members began laughing.

The event happened when Jisoo was lying silently on the floor, and Jennie asked her, “Jisoo, what are you doing?“. After hearing this from Jennie, Jisoo replied with, “I’m trying to look like a cocoon“.

Jennie then explained that when this event occurred, the members were trying on a lot of outfits, so there were a lot of clothes left on the floor.

Jisoo was wearing a boxy t-shirt and decided to lie down on the floor despite there being a couch.

That’s when Jennie asked her what she was doing, and Jisoo replied by saying that she was trying to look like a cocoon, which caused the members to burst with laughter.

Here’s the full video below!