Here’s The Difference Between Recording Music In The West Versus In South Korea, According To A Korean Artist

Clue: One is a lot stricter.

The process of recording music is unique depending on the country that one is in. According to Korean singer and YouTuber Grazy Grace, there’s a stark difference between recording abroad and in South Korea.

Grace | @gebabyk/Instagram

She revealed that Western sessions tend to be more relaxed and informal. Even a voice recording sent online would be treated like an official piece.

In America, when I give my producer demos that I recorded in my house, he would say, ‘Hey, this is technically [an] official recording.’

— Grace

According to her, “Everybody really has their own mic or the producer does, [and there’s] really like a chill vibe.”

On the other hand, it was the complete opposite in South Korea. Grace has years of experience under her belt as a former K-Pop trainee, Unpretty Rapstar contestant, and solo artist. It made her realize that being in the studio isn’t always easy.

In Korea, the company rents out a studio (unless they have their own studio) for three hours which is the minimum, and you have this whole date set. Whenever it came to official recordings, I was so nervous because they make you feel like you only have this one chance to do it.

— Grace

Grace recounted an experience that was imprinted in her memory for being so unfortunate. When she recorded that day, she was under significant pressure, and this affected her mentally.

Throughout the week and month, my voice was perfect and fine. But that day of the recording, my vocal condition was not good. Looking back now, it all had to do with mental reasons because I was so stressed. I was like, ‘I have to keep a good condition, I can’t get a cold, I can’t mess up.’

— Grace

At the same time, Grace recognizes that there’s one good thing about the strict South Korean recording process: she got stronger!

I do think there’s a huge plus to strict recordings because I learned how to be disciplined and how to control my emotions so I could sing in any circumstance. I’m absolutely grateful for that training and experience I had in the beginning.

— Grace

For more information, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube